Top Common AC Installation Mistakes

Make Sure Your AC service and Repair Provider Does a Good Job When Installing Your Unit

As a reputable AC service and repair contractor, we’ve seen all kinds of installation mistakes made by other contractors. From units installed upside down to plenums made of cardboard, the examples are endless. However, we also noticed that some mistakes are more often than others. That’s why we decided to make a list of some of the most common ones.

Improperly Sized Units
Before choosing an AC unit, your contractor must first measure your home’s interior and decide what type of unit you need. This involves measuring floors, windows, and doors as well as your home’s insulation and the R value of your house. Unfortunately, many contractors fail to do all this, and as a result, they install an improperly sized unit.

You should know that an oversized air conditioner consumes more energy to cool your home as a properly sized one. Undersized units are even worse. The equipment will wear out prematurely, and the system won’t provide the level of comfort you desire.

Improperly Sized Ductwork
Same as with the unit, ducts must also be chosen based on the load calculation. Undersized ducts will lead to early compressor malfunction. Additionally, the system will not be able to work at its full performance as the ducts are not large enough to support proper airflow. If the ducts are oversized, then a big part of the cool air will be wasted for cooling the ducts rather than your home.

Improperly Sealed Ducts
When the ducts are not properly sealed, the chance a leak may occur at any time is bigger. Most installers use low quality products, and they also cut corners when installing the duct system. This will eventually lead to many issues, which are very expensive to fix. Make sure you hire a reputable AC contractor in order to get the most out of your AC installation project.

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