Signs That You May Need a New Air Conditioner

Find Out If It’s Time to Call For an Air Conditioning Replacement Service

AC systems are mostly comprised of elements that have a limited lifespan. Whether it’s the compressor, electrical system, filtering unit, or the radiator, at one point, something will fail. The question is: should you replace the malfunctioning component or just repair it? Since AC service and repair is less expensive than replacement, most people will decide to repair their units instead of buying new ones. But, this is not always the most economic decision. Here are some signs that replacing your unit is better than repairing it.

Extended Repairs

If you have to replace more than one component on your AC unit, then it may be better to replace the entire unit altogether. In most cases, two or three major components can cost as much as a new unit. There is no point in replacing those components if, only after a few months, you will have to replace other faulty components.

Expired Lifespan

Just like every electrical or mechanical device, AC units have limited lifespans. Now, depending on the type, model, and manufacturer, a unit may last longer than another; but in the end, they all fail. Your mission is to determine if your unit has passed its lifespan or not. An outdated air conditioner is not only unreliable, but also inefficient. Newer systems may provide the same level of comfort for only a fraction of the price you pay now on you electric bills.

Frequent Problems

If you’re tired of repairing your air conditioner, then it’s time to buy a new one. Frequent repairs are clear signs that your unit is not reliable or efficient anymore. However, it all depends on the AC service provider that usually undertakes the repairs. If the repair is poorly done, then you only need to change your air conditioning service provider.

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