Heating malfunctions

Signs you need to contact a professional furnace repair company

Maintaining the good condition and functionality of your furnace is important. This will help to prevent the development of serious and expensive problems. This includes removing any minor issues before it grows in scope. Listed below are some of the signs you need to schedule a professional furnace repair service.

Odd sounds and smell

One of the first signs that you need to book a professional furnace repair service is the presence of strange sounds such as grinding or banging. Should you start to hear any unusual noise, contact an expert repair technician as soon as possible. Another sign is the presence of a dry dusty smell after turning up the thermostat. This indicates that you need to change the filter of the unit.


If you notice that there are small flakes of rust at the bottom of the housing you should contact an expert technician and schedule a cleaning. Rust flakes known as scale can fall on the burner and obstruct the airflow. With time this problem grows on a larger scope as obstructed airflow causes the unit to harbor moisture.

Increase in heating costs

If you notice that your heating costs have grown significantly you need to have the unit repaired as soon as possible. This might indicate that your system has a serious problem that can lead to rising levels of carbon monoxide. This is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is capable of killing you and your family in high concentration. A good way to check if the unit is emitting too much of the gas is to use special carbon monoxide detectors.


Furnaces need to be inspected regularly in order to keep minor problems from growing into large ones. A good way to prevent the development of serious and costly issues is to look for signs of malfunction. To ensure the best results when removing technical problems, contact a professional furnace repair company such as Futch Heating & Air Conditioning Inc in Louisville, KY.


Ductless AC Units

Maintenance tips from a professional air conditioning service provider

Choosing to have a ductless air conditioning unit installed in your home is a good idea. AC units without a duct are known to be quite efficient and cost-effective. To ensure that your cooling system is working properly for a long time, you need to have it regularly maintained. Listed below are tips provided by a professional air conditioning service provider.

Keep dust out of the AC

One of the primary reasons for the AC units to malfunction is the accumulation of dust in the system. To avoid breakdowns give the air condition a good clean once a week. Make sure the outside portions of the vents are free of dust and debris. A good way to reduce the amount of dirt entering the system is to leave plenty of space around it. There should always be at least four feet in every direction between the AC unit and your furniture.

Clean coils and pipes

Another section that requires cleaning is the coil. Use a regular garden hose. Be mindful not to bend the fins. For finer dirt use a cloth and make sure the AC is completely dry before during it on. You should also give the pipes frequent cleaning as accumulated dirt and dust can clog them up and prevent air from entering. In addition, they may develop cracks which require contacting a professional air conditioning service provider to schedule a repair.

Maintaining the good condition of your ductless AC unit is vital to its longevity and proper function. A good way to achieve this is to have the system regularly cleaned of dust and debris. In addition, you should also consider contacting a professional air conditioning service provider such as Futch Heating & Air Conditioning Inc in Louisville, KY for a yearly inspection.

Not Sure about the Size of Your Heating System?

Tips on How to Choose the Best Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you are looking for a heating & air conditioning system for your home or workplace, there are a few things you need to think about before settling on any system. Traditionally, a unit has to be energy efficient, sufficiently powerful to maintain a comfortable atmosphere and within your budget.

There are several different kinds of heating & air conditioning systems available today. Some use natural gas and electricity to work. These hybrids work using electricity; however, the heating parts and components will use gas in order to heat up the air before it is distributed through a room. Sensors trigger this function when the inside temperature falls below the temperature setting on the thermostat controls. Some say this system is more energy efficient; however, an electrical system is just as efficient. It all depends on the climate and how big the space is.

Other features need to be considered also. There are ductless air conditioning, which work quite well within some residential and commercial settings. A split air system can also be an excellent option. Being aware of what the different options are and how each works makes it easier to eliminate some of the options.

In addition to the overall design and energy efficiency, it is important to choose a system which will heat and cool a space without having to place too much stress on the equipment. Attempting to save a few dollars buying a system which is not big enough will end up proving costly in the long run. A system needs to work harder in order to keep a space comfortable, which means more wear and tear on the components, not to mention using excessive energy.

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