Air Duct Cleaning – Is it Worth it?

How a Reputable Air Duct Repair Contractor Can Help You Save Money on Energy Bills

Air duct cleaning is one of those tasks that is easy to forget about. Since homeowners often underestimate the importance of proper air duct repair and cleaning services, most of them don’t even remember the last time they had their vents and ducts inspected. The fact is, that clean ducts and vents can contribute to your overall health condition, may reduce your energy bills, and even extend the life of your AC system.

One of the biggest benefits of air duct cleaning is increased indoor air quality. Almost all homes nowadays are equipped with high-efficient windows and increased insulation. All this reduces the amount of air transfer between the outside and the inside. Although these fixtures contribute to a more energy efficient home, they have a negative effect on your health. This is because the pollutants that get inside your home cannot leak out through drafty windows or doors.

Cleaning your air duct system does not help getting pollutants out of your home, but prevents spreading them around through the ventilation system. Mold and mildew are often found and removed from air duct systems. In conclusion, air duct cleaning is a necessary task.

There are two methods for cleaning air ducts. One uses a special equipment which consists of a high pressure air hose. Pressurized air is blown into the air duct system until all debris gets out on the other side. The other method involves using an industrial vacuum cleaner which is run through the ducting. Additionally, the contractor may clean the air pumps as well.

Proper cleaning of an averagely sized air duct system should take a minimum of four to five hours. If the home is equipped with more than one AC system, or if the system is installed in the attic, it may take longer.

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